Powerstation: The perfect solution for all your mobile devices

From now on, no more loose swaying equipment on your event. Visitors won't have to go on a search for empty sockets. This is all in the past thanks to the Powerstation!

NEW: Now also possible to charge your Smartwatch!

The Powerstation is perfect for events that last several days like congresses or fairs. With the two Powerstation units, 2 x 42 devices can be charged at the same time. During lunch, walking dinner, plenary session, break-out or reception, the digital devices of your guest will be charged so they quickly have a fully charged battery.

The Powerstation is perfect to install at the hospitality area of your event. An internet corner or social media corner is also a great opportunity to use the Powerstation. A numbering system, like the one being used in cloakrooms, can be used: The visitors hand over their device and will fill in a form with a small description of their device.
This device then will be charged by the Powerstation.

The Powerstation exists in two neutral colors: Black and white. They each will be delivered in a sturdy flight case on wheels. The white version can be lifted out of the flight case.

Technical data sheet

  • 14 layers
  • 42 spaces of W x D = 19 cm x 52 cm
  • Dimensions Powerstation: 69 cm x 77 cm x 200 cm
  • Every unit has 48 sockets with each an overvoltage protection.
    Therefore there is no danger for ex. lightning.
  • The inside of the Powerstation is lit with LED strips.
Powerstation White Powerstation Outlets Powerstation White Powerstation White Powerstation Flightcase Powerstation without floghtcase

Powerstation on the field

Together with the powerstation, you will receive a white or black binder. In that binder there will be 42 numbered cards, each reffering to a place on a shelf off the Powerstation along with information sheets.

A host can take a card in the binder to give to a customer. He/she then fills in an information sheet. When that person wants his/her device back, he/she signs the information sheet. This way you will have proof that the device has been picked-up, with a fully charged battery!

Charging all your devices Binder with cards and sheets Powerstation binders

Contact and rental rates

Rental rate for 1 unit = 150 EUR/day, 225 EUR for two days, 300 EUR for three days or 450 EUR for one week. Prices ex. VAT 21%.

Are you interested in one of our Powerstation units on your event? Or do you want more information?
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